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1084505 in jiufen you can eat your way through a miyazaki film  article

In Jiufen, You Can Eat Your Way Through a Miyazaki Film

If you’ve ever wanted to live inside Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s imagination, the first thing you should consider is booking a plane ticket to Taiwan.

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I Ate a Meal Cooked in a Stinky Hot Spring

Munchies, VICE: I Ate a Meal Cooked in a Stinky 1,800 Year Old Hot Spring

Open uri20140222 28085 smr9cf article

BKLYNR | Frozen in Time

Gino’s Italian ices are considered the city's best. But can the old-school company compete with savvier upstarts?

Open uri20140630 8954 11rn58k article

Have Brands Like All Detergent and Zappos Cracked the Code on ...

Have Brands Like All Detergent and Zappos Cracked t...

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Smartphones Are Go-Everywhere, Do-Anything Devices for Mothers ...

Portability and efficiency make smartphones a staple for mothers on-the-go.

Open uri20140619 9154 1e65jjn article

15 Cities for Creative 20-Somethings That Aren't New York or Los Angeles

Being an artist in America doesn't have to mean living in a shoebox on a coast with nothing but the pennies you make at your day job to support an artistic endeavor.

Timthumb.php article

BKLYNR | Empty Places

The rise and fall of Brooklyn's most storied restaurants.

Open uri20140801 29522 1yf75a1 article

Eye-Opening Photos of People Surrounded by a Week's Worth of Their Own Trash

In an interview with Mic, Segal spoke at length about the emotions behind this series, the United States' massive garbage problem, and what we all can do to help.


How Mobile Was Cyber Monday?

Mobile's share of Cyber Monday online retail traffic hit 41%

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15 Banned Books You Should Read This Banned Books Week - Mic

15 Banned Books You Should Read This Banned Books W...

112610233 fleiss jennifer interview article

Q&A: Rent the Runway Online Outlet Enhances Customer Experience at Offline Stores

Jennifer Fleiss - Co-Founder and Head, Business Development, Rent the Runway

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The Inside Story Behind Two of Instagram's Most Popular Tattoo Artists

How these two tattooers inked their way to hundreds of thousands of followers.

1211104351 hnetinka lee interview article

Q&A: Mobile App WunWun Delivers Anything in an Hour

Lee Hnetinka - CEO, WunWun

Open uri20140619 9154 1tual53 article

17 Amazing Theater Cities That Aren't London or New York

A list (in no particular order) of the world's best destinations to see live performances ranging from Sophocles and Samuel Beckett to local artists who haven't made it big yet.

Open uri20140619 3110 tvym17 article

The Brilliant Contemporary Artist Every 20-Something Should Know ...

Kehinde Wiley is a name every 20-something, art lover or not, should know.