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Eye-Opening Photos of People Surrounded by a Week's Worth of Their Own Trash

In an interview with Mic, Segal spoke at length about the emotions behind this series, the United States' massive garbage problem, and what we all can do to help.

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15 Banned Books You Should Read This Banned Books Week - Mic

15 Banned Books You Should Read This Banned Books W...

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The Inside Story Behind Two of Instagram's Most Popular Tattoo Artists

How these two tattooers inked their way to hundreds of thousands of followers.

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14 Amazing US Cities that Keep Their Best Art Where Everyone Can See It - Mic

Because everyone should have access to incredible art--and street art is just as good as any in a museum.

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Elyssa Goldberg

Elyssa Goldberg is a Columbia grad living in New York. She has contributed to eMarketer, Gothamist, Adweek, BKLYNR, and the Huffington Post....

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15 Tech Hacks to Decrease the FOMO in Your Life

How to unplug when you just can't bring yourself to do it....

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14 Amazing U.S. Cities that Keep Their Best Art Where Everyone Can See It

Because everyone should have access to incredible art....

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Why Norwegian TV Shows Are 134 Hours Long

Televised knitting circles, burning logs, and train rides: welcome to the future of reality TV....

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'The Square' Is the Bravest Film of the Year — And America Is About to See Why

Director Jehane Noujaim on the side of the Egyptian Revolution we didn't see: Egypt's....

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The Website That Proves the Internet Can Still Be a Beautiful Place

In a landscape full of trolls and endless J. Law gifs, Quora stands above the rest....